I’ve Moved to Ground Zeroes

So I am all settled.  I’ve bought my own home, it was all kind of scary!

Not posted as I was without the internet for over two weeks, imagine that, two weeks without the internet.  In that time I dabbled in some games, without playing anything fully  Dark Souls was loaded.   I am not very good at it, I lasted ten minutes, sorry internet!

I managed to play a episode of The Walking Dead Season Two and The Wolf Among us, I’ve posted about them before so won’t again other than to say I am still loving them.  They’re ace!


I did managed to play and finish Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes


I am a huge MGS fan, I loved the first Metal Gear Solid, I played the Game Boy game, I loved two despite many not being as fond of it.  Three I really didn’t like at first, mainly because I got stuck really early on, a year later I went back to it and loved it.  4 I enjoyed too.

I recently replayed the first via the PSN network, then played through 2, 3 and Peace Walker through the HD collection, and fell in love with them all over again.

Needless to say I was excited to get to grips with Ground Zeroes.

Due to moving, I’ve still not upgraded to a PS4 or Xbox One, so played on the 360, this didn’t bother me though, the game looked wonderful.  Plays wonderfully too!  I was rubbish though, so will be giving it a second go through once the World Cup is over, along with the extra missions.


Rubbish short post really, but tough!


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I’m moving

So, no updates for what seems like forever.   Sorry about that.  Here’s why…

The title of this post has most likely given away the reason for this, but yes, I am moving.  More excitingly it looks like I am buying my first home after a few years of renting.  Once I am all moved in and settled I’ll get back to it but until then I don’t have a proper desk and chair to PC game, and my consoles are all boxed up.  This has meant I have been well and truly sucked into my current Football Manager save.  Oops.


I have added a few games to my steam library to get stuck into once I get set up.  South Park, Trials Fusion and if I can get into it Dark Souls 2 are all on the agenda.

See you in a month or so hopefully.

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iPhone gaming and Donkey Kong

Been a quite week or two for me.  Not played very much.

I have however, been playing two very rubbish games on my phone.  The first.. Coin Dozer.

Coin Dozer is an iOS game based on those 2p machines you get in the arcades at the sea side.  You put your 2p in and try push other 2p’s over the edge (or 10p’s if you’re fancy)


Coin Dozer

So anyway.  I played Coin Dozer after a girl I work with recommended it.  You start with 40 coins, once they’re gone, you can leave the game open on your phone or other ios device, and every 30 seconds you get a new coin, or leave it closed and get a coin ever 9 minutes (i think).  At first I hated it.  It’s rubbish.  Then I played a little more, and before I knew it, like most iphone games I enjoy, I found I’d load it up while sat on the toilet, just use the coins up I had.  It was hooked!  I’d get home from work and use the coins I’d acquired through the day, doing the same at bed time and then again first thing in the morning.  I hit level 10, then 20.. I told myself, I’ll stop at 30.  Eventually, at 33 I deleted it, and that was that.  Check it out though, for a bit, then remove it.  It’s free too


Flappy Bird

I am sure by now, if you’re reading a blog about gaming, you’ve heard of Flappy Bird.  It’s that annoying iphone game everyone’s playing on your facebook, moaning about how hard it is but returning for one last go.  It’s also a game that despite going huge is apparently being removed from the app store by the guy who made it.  He says he can’t handle it’s success, I think it might be more that he’s ripped off a bunch of Nintendo stuff in it.  Either way, if you can still get it, check it out.  I managed a rather impressive (if you’re 6 and missing your thumbs) score of 10.


King of Kong

So this Saturday my brother and a friend came to my flat, the plan was to watch the Football then head to the pub for some food.  After we returned from the pub we found ourselves at a loose end as to what to do.  I put King of Kong on.

My flatmate, my brother and I had all seen it before, but my friend, it was his first viewing.  I refused to tell him what it was about, as he’d have not watched.  He in fact, started off playing on his phone, no doubt on Flappy Bird, but soon he was hooked.  He joined our hate of Billy Mitchell and our love of Steve Wiebe.  If you haven’t watched it.  Check it out.

Donkey Kong

So, after my guests left I fired up Donkey Kong, a game I played a little as a kid, but not for 20 years, for a quick go.  My flatmate and I played for a good hour, taking turns to try and get our flats high score (6500 by my flatmate)


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The Walking Dead: Season Two


So, I’ve not posted for a week or two.  I started back at work and haven’t had the time.  Can you guess what I’ve played? 


The Walking Dead was my favourite game of 2012, and one of my favourite games I’ve played, ever.  I loved it.  I know you didn’t do much ‘playing’ it was like an interactive film in some ways, but I was hooked.  If it wasn’t for the fact my flatmate watched me play the last part, I’d have blubbered like a baby!

It took me a while to get around to the first episode of Season Two, but when I did, I was hooked all over again.  As I mentioned, my flatmate watched me play the last episode of the first season, and asked if he could watch me play Season Two.   At one point he loudly exclaimed “What the fuck!  Where are they going with this”  He’s as hooked as me ;)

I won’t post about the game too much, as I don’t want to spoil it.  Just go play it.

It had three stand out moments for me, they made you do two rather distressing things and when Clem talks about Lee, I had a lump in my throat :(

So yeah, go buy it if you haven’t already.

Do it for Clem



Oh, and I’ve played some FM, sorry.

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New Year Gaming

Things have been going well.  I spend most of New Years Eve gaming during the day.  Check it out!

Day Z (mod)

I started the day off by patching up the mod version of DayZ (I’m lucky enough, or daft enough, that despite only playing FM I still pick stuff up in the steam sale and give them a quick go)  Patching went smooth enough and I picked myself a server.

It was a little different from the last time I played, mainly as the server was a custom one.  I started off in the air, falling “oh eck” I thought “what’s this then”  I quickly read on-screen prompts and opened a para-shoot.  Cool!  I landed safely and instantly had again, double cool!  Not only that, I had the stuff to craft myself a bike.  So of course I did.  And off I set, gun in hand, speeding along on my bike.  Sadly I crashed into a wall.

Not to worry though, as I headed into a building and picked up some bits and bobs.  Loaded up with a backpack with some beans in it, I set to the road and it wasn’t long before I attracted the attention of a number of Zombies.  I quickly fired my gun, using up all my ammo and killing…… none of the Zombies.  I legged it!

I found myself climbing a ladder to the top of a building, then falling off.  I think I broke my legs, as I just lay there, able to roll about a little, but unable to stand.  I had soon been eaten.

The Wolf Among Us

So, after my failed life in Day Z I loaded up The Wolf Among us.  I absolutely loved The Walking Dead, so I’m not sure why I waited this long to play TellTales next game.  Damn it’s good!

Like, really really good.  As good as The Walking Dead, better maybe?  Who knows.  I won’t go into detail, as I don’t want to spoil anything, if you haven’t played it yet.  Get playing buy it here

I imagine once I’ve finished it (all the episodes) I’ll post more about it.

New Years Day I was hungover and tired, I didn’t want to game other than booting up trusty old Football Manager and playing on the Liverpool save I started at Christmas at my parents.  I took them to top of the league by Christmas, much like real life. Down to 3rd by the opening on the transfer window.  I’ll be back on it again soon I’m sure.

To the Moon Holiday Special Minisode

First up, if you haven’t played To The Moon stop reading my poorly written words and go play it.  GO GO!

It’s utterly brilliant, almost made me cry at the end and just lovely.  The soundtrack is a treat too.  So, when I saw the makers had put out a short little minisode I got right on it this morning.  It felt so good to be back with Neil and Eva, made me laugh a few times, and the music gave me goosebumps again.  I can’t wait till their next game, A Bird Story is out!


To The Moon might not have the most cutting edge graphics, but it’s utterly beautiful, has a genuinely moving story and an incredible sound track. Everyone should play it.

So, there you go.  I’ve played some more games.  What a treat!  I picked up Season Two of The Walking Dead last night in the steam sale.  So I’ll crack on with that ASAP.

thanks for reading.

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What’s this then?

So, I’ve started a blog.  But why?  Let me tell you.

I’ve always been a fan of gaming since I was a young lad.  I fondly remember playing on a VIC20 with my Dad, we played a text adventure, a game I learnt to spell the word ‘ATTACK’ on, as it’s always my answer for any problem.  “18 huge lions appear, you have a wet toilet roll as a weapon”  “Type in ATTACK”

It carried on through my young, We got a ZX Spectrum, which meant weekly trips each Sunday with my Dad and brother to the library to rent a game.  We never copied them, I swear.

It carried on, through my teenage years on consoles, but recently I find myself not gaming as much.  Other than the behemoth that is Football Manager (and Champ Man before it)

According to Steam I’ve played FM for the following number of hours:

FM2009: 237 Hours.

FM2010: 527 Hours

FM2011: 591 Hours

FM2012: 649 Hours

FM2013: 336 hours (I left home this year)

FM2014: 157 Hours so far.

The Problem:


Now, that’s way to much.  So I have set up this blog to document the other games I am going to play instead of Football Manager.  I will of course still play FM, I’ve got an amazing Middlesbrough save on the go in fact…. just not as much.

I started yesterday, and managed to play Brothers and Game Dev Tycoon (where I made an FM clone)

I’ll do more detailed post on the games I play in the future.

thanks for reading.

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