The Walking Dead: Season Two


So, I’ve not posted for a week or two.  I started back at work and haven’t had the time.  Can you guess what I’ve played? 


The Walking Dead was my favourite game of 2012, and one of my favourite games I’ve played, ever.  I loved it.  I know you didn’t do much ‘playing’ it was like an interactive film in some ways, but I was hooked.  If it wasn’t for the fact my flatmate watched me play the last part, I’d have blubbered like a baby!

It took me a while to get around to the first episode of Season Two, but when I did, I was hooked all over again.  As I mentioned, my flatmate watched me play the last episode of the first season, and asked if he could watch me play Season Two.   At one point he loudly exclaimed “What the fuck!  Where are they going with this”  He’s as hooked as me 😉

I won’t post about the game too much, as I don’t want to spoil it.  Just go play it.

It had three stand out moments for me, they made you do two rather distressing things and when Clem talks about Lee, I had a lump in my throat 😦

So yeah, go buy it if you haven’t already.

Do it for Clem



Oh, and I’ve played some FM, sorry.

About mikeakehurst

Mike Akehurst, semi-lapsed gamer, attempting to play other things apart from FM. Poorly written and badly spelt.
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