iPhone gaming and Donkey Kong

Been a quite week or two for me.  Not played very much.

I have however, been playing two very rubbish games on my phone.  The first.. Coin Dozer.

Coin Dozer is an iOS game based on those 2p machines you get in the arcades at the sea side.  You put your 2p in and try push other 2p’s over the edge (or 10p’s if you’re fancy)


Coin Dozer

So anyway.  I played Coin Dozer after a girl I work with recommended it.  You start with 40 coins, once they’re gone, you can leave the game open on your phone or other ios device, and every 30 seconds you get a new coin, or leave it closed and get a coin ever 9 minutes (i think).  At first I hated it.  It’s rubbish.  Then I played a little more, and before I knew it, like most iphone games I enjoy, I found I’d load it up while sat on the toilet, just use the coins up I had.  It was hooked!  I’d get home from work and use the coins I’d acquired through the day, doing the same at bed time and then again first thing in the morning.  I hit level 10, then 20.. I told myself, I’ll stop at 30.  Eventually, at 33 I deleted it, and that was that.  Check it out though, for a bit, then remove it.  It’s free too


Flappy Bird

I am sure by now, if you’re reading a blog about gaming, you’ve heard of Flappy Bird.  It’s that annoying iphone game everyone’s playing on your facebook, moaning about how hard it is but returning for one last go.  It’s also a game that despite going huge is apparently being removed from the app store by the guy who made it.  He says he can’t handle it’s success, I think it might be more that he’s ripped off a bunch of Nintendo stuff in it.  Either way, if you can still get it, check it out.  I managed a rather impressive (if you’re 6 and missing your thumbs) score of 10.


King of Kong

So this Saturday my brother and a friend came to my flat, the plan was to watch the Football then head to the pub for some food.  After we returned from the pub we found ourselves at a loose end as to what to do.  I put King of Kong on.

My flatmate, my brother and I had all seen it before, but my friend, it was his first viewing.  I refused to tell him what it was about, as he’d have not watched.  He in fact, started off playing on his phone, no doubt on Flappy Bird, but soon he was hooked.  He joined our hate of Billy Mitchell and our love of Steve Wiebe.  If you haven’t watched it.  Check it out.

Donkey Kong

So, after my guests left I fired up Donkey Kong, a game I played a little as a kid, but not for 20 years, for a quick go.  My flatmate and I played for a good hour, taking turns to try and get our flats high score (6500 by my flatmate)



About mikeakehurst

Mike Akehurst, semi-lapsed gamer, attempting to play other things apart from FM. Poorly written and badly spelt.
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