Next Gen, GTA and Football Games

Once again I’m useless at making regular posts.

I’m currently off work for the summer holidays, you remember those right, as a child you’d get a wonderful 6 weeks off school, turns out if you work in a school you get 6 weeks off too (it’s actually 5 with inset days and stuff but still)

Great for gaming right?  Well, no, I’ve watched Orange is the New Black, been out on my bike and just messed around online when I should have been hitting games hard.

I did say a while back “once the summer holidays roll around, I’m getting a PS4 and getting into console gaming again”  Sadly money hasn’t let me do this, though I am very tempted to pick up a The Last of Us Remastered bundle and get going.

 Grand Theft Auto V

Before all that though, I need to polish off some of my 360 stuff as I imagine I’ll trade it in.  So, I’ve been playing the masterpiece that is Grand Theft Auto 5, or GTAV for short.  I think I was about half way through when I stopped playing, so I’ve just picked right up and carried on.  I’m loving it

GTA V looks wonderful

GTA V looks wonderful

The game also looks stunning, which, on such old hardware as the 360 is very impressive.  When I last played it, I was growing tired of the missions, so was just messing around, having fun and seeing what chaos I could cause, much like everyone does in GTA.  The break though means I’ve been hitting the missions hard and am currently building up to my next heist.  Can’t wait to see what Trevor and his friends get up to next!

Trevor stopping for a 'selfie'  as you do.

Trevor stopping for a ‘selfie’ as you do.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Last friday I took a trip to see two of my friends for a night of beer and Pro Evolution Soccer.  We had a blast.

For the last couple of years Fifa had pretty much taken over our football game evenings, it’d had taken huge steps to take over from Pro Evo which was the game of choice in my teenage years.  This year however, we’ve all grown a little tired of Fifa while Pro Evo has improved itself to get back on level pegging.

So the three of us sat back, and as one of my friends doesn’t like to play player vs. player we hit a 3 player Champions League mode.  We started out poorly with lots of swearing and my friend oddly giving the finger to the TV.  By the end of the evening though, we’d reached the CL quarter finals, winning the first leg 4-0, my finger giving friend had changed to doing forward rolls around the room when we scored and a good time was had by all.  We shall be picking up the saved CL game the next time we all met up.

The quest for glory

The quest for glory

I’ve also just picked up Mount Your Friends from Steam, my brother and friend are over tomorrow, so we’ll be loading that up.  Should be fun!


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