Playstation 4 and the dreaded FM15

The Sony Playstation 4

I went shopping!

I went shopping!

So, I did indeed go shopping and picked up myself a PS4.  I wasn’t really in the market for one but I did know in the back of my mind if I was to get one that I would be trading in my WiiU to help pay for it.  The trade in price of the Wii U seemed to be dropping by the day so I took the plunge while I still had something of value to trade in.

It came with FIFA 15 and Destiny, I then picked up The Last of Us, a game I started on the PS3 when my old flatmate had a PS3 to play it on, since moving out however, that isn’t an option.

Fifa 15

Wow.  I’d never played a next gen version of Fifa, and right off the bat I must say this looks bloody lovely.  Everything you’d expect really from a Fifa title (apart from tackling, but I’ll get to that).  My first sit up and take notice moment graphics and presentation wise was when being awarded a penalty, the reply showed, in detail, the oppositions defender grabbing at my players shirt and yanking it back.  I was impressed!

I’ve only really played 2 modes so far, the ‘Be a Pro’ mode or whatever it’s called these days, where you created a player and guide him through his career.  I started at Portsmouth, who in my first friendly with them played lovely attacking football, with my striker supported well, I banged in a hat-trick ‘easy this’ I thought.  Sadly they loaned me out to Exeter, who played a boring defensive 5-4-1.  Still, I managed a 25 goal season as we lost the playoff final.

Celebrating a goal, CM Punk style.

Celebrating a goal, CM Punk style.

I’ve also been playing the very lucrative and addictive Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) though not as much as in past years.  This comes down to one thing.  I can’t defend, like at all.  I’m hopeless, which makes playing online against real people a little rubbish as they walk through my attempts to tackle.  I’m getting better but it’s still not clicking fully, once I managed it I’ll be on FUT a great deal more.


So, Destiny, an online shooter, and that was my first problem.  To play Destiny properly, you need to be playing with a group of friends, all around the same level.  I had a Xbox 360 last gen, so my PS4 friends list has about 3 people on, none of who have Destiny, in fact only 2 of them have a PS4.  I am sure it’s a great game, but it’s just not for me, sadly.


Football Manager 2015

So yeah, FM15 is out.  Guess who’s playing it.


It’s only in the Beta stage at the moment, but it’s pretty fun, mainly because the match engine allows for LOADS OF GOALS!  Who doesn’t like scoring goals!  As I type this I just had an epic 5-4 thriller against Spurs.

I’ll no doubt put a load of hours into it.  I put 22 dull days over all into FM14.  Oops.

I’m going to try to keep playing other stuff though, The Last of Us is lined up for the weekend.

Cheers for reading.


About mikeakehurst

Mike Akehurst, semi-lapsed gamer, attempting to play other things apart from FM. Poorly written and badly spelt.
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