Gotta Catch ’em All

Picture the scene.  You’re in work, it’s 5pm and you finish in 30 minutes.  What do you do to pass the time?  Check facebook?  Twitter maybe?  Trip the the toilet could be good?

Not me, I did this:


Keeping busy

You see, I work in a primary school, and I help out in their after school club.  A number of weeks ago I was tasked with buying the kids some Nintendo DS’s so I asked how much I could spend.  It wasn’t a small number!  A week later we had 8 brand spanking new ‘New Nintendo 3DS XL’s’  I was also tasked with ordering games, I got them some Mario games (Mario Kart is easily the most popular) some games aimed at younger children and I got a copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby.  Then I waited.

Then this last Friday it happened.  We had a quiet evening.  There was about 3 kids left and two members of staff so I sat down, booted up and 3DS and cracked on with Pokemon.  Now, I haven’t really played a Pokemon game properly since Pokemon Blue on the Gameboy, but I soon figured it out.  Half past five hit “I’m taking this home for the weekend” I announced, half joking half hopeful.  Nobody said anything so I did.  I’ve spent about 6 hours on it over the last two days.  I’ve got two badges and everything is going well.

Sadly I have to give it back Monday morning, and I am busy next weekend.  The weekend after though we finish for two weeks (perk of the job) and if none of the kids have deleted my save I shall be carrying on!

So yeah.  I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.


About mikeakehurst

Mike Akehurst, semi-lapsed gamer, attempting to play other things apart from FM. Poorly written and badly spelt.
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