I’ve Moved to Ground Zeroes

So I am all settled.  I’ve bought my own home, it was all kind of scary!

Not posted as I was without the internet for over two weeks, imagine that, two weeks without the internet.  In that time I dabbled in some games, without playing anything fully  Dark Souls was loaded.   I am not very good at it, I lasted ten minutes, sorry internet!

I managed to play a episode of The Walking Dead Season Two and The Wolf Among us, I’ve posted about them before so won’t again other than to say I am still loving them.  They’re ace!


I did managed to play and finish Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes


I am a huge MGS fan, I loved the first Metal Gear Solid, I played the Game Boy game, I loved two despite many not being as fond of it.  Three I really didn’t like at first, mainly because I got stuck really early on, a year later I went back to it and loved it.  4 I enjoyed too.

I recently replayed the first via the PSN network, then played through 2, 3 and Peace Walker through the HD collection, and fell in love with them all over again.

Needless to say I was excited to get to grips with Ground Zeroes.

Due to moving, I’ve still not upgraded to a PS4 or Xbox One, so played on the 360, this didn’t bother me though, the game looked wonderful.  Plays wonderfully too!  I was rubbish though, so will be giving it a second go through once the World Cup is over, along with the extra missions.


Rubbish short post really, but tough!



About mikeakehurst

Mike Akehurst, semi-lapsed gamer, attempting to play other things apart from FM. Poorly written and badly spelt.
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